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So exactly how do I edit a manuscript? 

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Here is a detailed description


The second pass of a developmental edit is again an intense and close reading that ensures that problems from the first edit have either been resolved to your satisfaction or there are issues that remain that we must deal with.

The third and, usually, final pass is a line edit that examines the novel at a line-by-line level.

  • I’ll help you polish your prose line by line. 

  • I’ll support your personal writing style.

  • I’ll help identify such problems as awkward word choices, unclear phrases, clichés, etc.

  • I’ll write notes directly on the manuscript in “track changes”.

  • And again, I’ll write an editorial letter summarizing issues we’ve discussed and offer solutions.


I also offer a one-hour phone call with each pass.


As a client of Aponte Editorial, you can choose all three passes, or just one or two. Fees start at 1 cent per word.

A first draft manuscript may need three “passes” of editing:

The first pass is a developmental edit, an immersive and intense assessment of structural and character issues.

  • I’ll do a very close read of the manuscript, taking notes on anything that might be an issue.

  • Working with you, I’ll help identify problems in the manuscript and make a plan to discuss possible solutions.

  • I’ll help you develop the novel scene by scene.

  • I’ll guide you on the overall structure of the novel from a “big picture” point of view. 

  • I’ll assess storytelling elements such as plot, theme, character development, setting, and I problem-solve any issues with you.

  • I’ll make comments directly on the manuscript in “track changes” so that you can see exactly what I’m talking about when I make a comment. You can choose to “accept” or “reject” any of my suggestions.

  • I’ll write a detailed editorial letter for you to summarize my feedback and discuss ways to troubleshoot problems.

  • And we can have several phone calls to discuss ideas and strategies for working on the novel.

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