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          20+ Years of Trusted              
Editorial Experience in

            Developmental and Line Editing Fiction


I’m Natalia Aponte and I help fiction writers structure, develop, trouble-shoot, fine-tune and polish fiction from the inside out and the bottom up.

I have more than 30 years of experience in publishing and more than 20 years of experience editing fiction, including a few New York Times bestsellers. I honed my editing skills for years at Macmillan/Tor, a Big Five publisher. I edit thrillers of all types, crime, historical fiction, and general fiction. Please take a look at my testimonials pages to get a look at specific examples of my work.

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Writing commercial fiction is a big job and can be overwhelming. I can help you if you struggle with:

  • Finding the structure and organization of your novel

  • Filling out underdeveloped plot and theme problems

  • Weak character development 

  • Weak or ineffective dialog

  • Vague or ineffective setting

  • Choosing the right point of view for your novel

  • Style, voice, and tone problems 

  • Pace and flow

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